Whyteleafe Sports Centre

Our Plans To Develop The Whytelefe Pitch And Surrounding Area

We are excited to announce our plans to upgrade our football pitches. Our goal is to create state-of-the-art facilities that meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and performance. To achieve this, we will be investing in the latest technology and materials. With these upgrades, we are confident that our football pitches will become the go-to destination for players of all levels, from amateur to professional. 

Whytelefe FC Football Pitch

Book the 11-a-side football pitch at Whyteleafe FC if you’re looking for an excellent pitch and live or work in South East London. This venue has sensational footballing facilities, so whether you like to play 11-a-side football casually or you’re part of a team or league, Whyteleafe FC is ideal for you. Everyone has their favourite surface for playing 11-a-side football on and this pitch is 3G astroturf.

This facility is also brilliantly floodlit. Late night sessions are not a problem at this venue, which means the facility is perfect for those who love to play sport after work.

More about Whytelefe

If public transport isn’t your thing, then there are alternative travel options. The venue is easily accessible by car and free parking facilities are available on site. This also makes it the perfect facility for teams hosting home games, as it means the facility is extremely accommodating for travelling away team players.

Customers will be pleased to know that the venue operates a pay-as-you-play booking system. This means sports enthusiasts can just turn up and play depending on availability and book on a pay as you play basis. This method avoids the monthly membership charges and gives you the freedom to play as and when you like, without the commitment of a weekly game or a membership fee.