The Truth

In May 2021 Whyteleafe Football Club ceased any activity after our take over of the Church road Football ground. As a result of this, many opinions were drawn that we at IRama were at fault for the collapse of Whyteleafe F.C. Today we are releasing a statement from the Trustees of Whyteleafe Football Club that states the downfall for the club was due to their own financial difficulties and the affects of Covid-19 which occurred before our purchase of the grounds. We are releasing this statement to settle the truth, as it was never our intention to part ways with Whyteleafe F.C. and we want the public to be informed that our intentions are only to help the clubs housed at our grounds to develop along with the facilities. We trust this statement gives you a clear picture that our involvement had nothing to do with Whyteleafe F.C. ceasing all their activities, and we hope to maintain your support in our future endeavours with this great community and football ground.

Statement by the Trustees of Whyteleafe Football Club
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