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We are looking to collaborate with you to help the charities you support as Sportspersons, Actors and Artists. The amazing events we hold in Europe have been so successful that we are expanding our network and reach into the USA.

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The Father & Son Initiative

In celebration with all the events we create, our events aim to highlight the importance of the collaboration between mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. While the main focus of the event is to bring people together in support of either a great charitable cause or networking with our members, the efforts behind the event must be highlighted. To put these events together, many of our families work in collaboration with their children.

The work involved in preparing for the events will strengthen bonds, adding the wisdom and experience of parents to the new thinking and ideas of the digital age of our children, generating excitement in future growth. We want to stress how important this way of working is in bringing us closer together and would strongly encourage others to do the same.

Join us in having fun, bridging the gap between generations and bringing families closer together through mutual business ventures.

Just some of our friends and the great causes IRAMA has donated to

Let us help the good cause close to your heart. A fair choice selection made at our next event could benefit your charity

We Want To Help

We make donations to many charities every year and it is so difficult to choose who to donate to, we know you also reach out to so many of your friends to support the cause close to your heart. We want to add the charity you support to our friends circle so that when we make our next donation a percentage may also go to your chosen charity. We aim to divide our donations to multiple charities chosen randomly by our application. To be fair to everyone in our circle, selected charities to whom we have made donations will only enter the selection process again once everyone has received a donation from IRAMA.

Past and Future Events