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iRama Mission & Vision

Based on our years of experience with many different sports and networks in the industry, we strive to create the best possible environments and provide all the necessary support to ensure that our partners can realise the highest possible levels of data to help aid them in the player selection process. 
Our mission is to build longterm relationships with our partners and Sports persons, mentorship throughout is key.

Mentoring players at all levels, and working with Scouts and Agents as well as Teams to give our members the best reach and attention is our aim.
We hope to build a relationship with players from upcoming and beyond the end of their playing career.
At iRama it is important to engage families with our sports network of professionals and all mentors, this is the support mechanism we need in todays sports.
Why have one Agent when we can reach the contacts of so many agents, our agents signup and agree to work amicably within our network , so it is everyones goal to see you get the best reach.